Angle Orthodontist de mayo del 2012

Recién  salido del horno, les presento el nuevo número del Angle Orthodontist, correspondiente a mayo del 2012, entre los temas que trata tenemos:

  1. Retrognathic maxilla in “Habsburg jaw”
  2. The association between the psychological status and the severity of facial deformity in orthognathic patients
  3. The impact of malocclusion on adolescents’ dissatisfaction with dental appearance and oral functions
  4. Asymmetry assessment using cone beam CT
  5. Changes in CT cerebral blood flow and volume associated with rapid maxillary expansion in a rabbit model
  6. Midfacial soft tissue changes after leveling Le Fort I osteotomy with differential reduction
  7. The relationship between vertical facial morphology and overjet in untreated Class II subjects
  8. Importance of the vertical incisor relationship in the prediction of the soft tissue profile after Class III bimaxillary surgery
  9. A finite element study on the effects of midsymphyseal distraction osteogenesis on the mandible and articular disc
  10. Prediction of lower incisor proclination during Xbow treatment based on initial cephalometric variable
  11. Apical root resorption during orthodontic treatment
  12. Evaluation of root resorption following rapid maxillary expansion using cone-beam computed tomography
Estos son solo unos de varios temas que incluye el número, recomiendo ampliamente la lectura, aquí esta el link para bajar los artículos.


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