Baja el Angle Orthodontist de noviembre del 2012

Y seguimos colocando journals de libre acceso de ortodoncia para bajar. Hoy le toca al Angle Orthodontist, su número de noviembre del 2012. Entre los artículos que encontraras tiene:

  • Is missing maxillary lateral incisor in complete cleft lip and palate a product of genetics or local environment?
  • Effect of large incisor retraction on upper airway morphology in adult bimaxillary protrusion patients
  • Treatment effects of the mandibular anterior repositioning appliance in patients with Class II skeletal malocclusions
  • Microimplant-based mandibular advancement therapy for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea: a prospective study
  • Three-dimensional airway evaluation in 387 subjects from one university orthodontic clinic using cone beam computed tomography
  • Pharyngeal airway space, hyoid bone position and head posture after orthognathic surgery in Class III patients
  • Reliability of subjective, linear, ratio and area cephalometric measurements in assessing adenoid hypertrophy among different age groups
  • Effects of predrilling on the osseointegration potential of mini-implants
  • Root proximity and cortical bone thickness effects on the success rate of orthodontic micro-implants using cone beam computed tomography
  • An in vitro study of factors affecting the primary stability of orthodontic mini-implants
Entre otros temas de interés. Aquí les dejo el link para que lo bajen.


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