Baja el Angle Orthodontist de septiembre del 2013

anglesept13Ya se encuentra disponible el Angle Orthodontist de septiembre del 2013, entre sus artículos tenemos:

  • Influence of malocclusion on the development of masticatory function and mandibular growth
  • Occlusal plane canting reduction accompanies mandibular counterclockwise rotation in camouflaging treatment of hyperdivergent skeletal Class II malocclusion
  • The effect of bone morphometric changes on orthodontic tooth movement in an osteoporotic animal model
  • A novel experimental model for studying transverse orthodontic tooth movement in the rat mandible
  • Correlation between occlusal abnormalities and parameters investigated by three-dimensional facial photography
  • New diagnostic tenet of the esthetic midface for clinical assessment of anterior malar projection
  • The influence of lower lip position on the perceived attractiveness of chin prominence
  • The role of the golden proportion in the evaluation of facial esthetics

Entre otros de gran interés, aquí se encuentra el link para bajarlo.

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