Baja el Angle Orthodontist de noviembre del 2013

angnov13Ya puedes bajar el nuevo número del Angle Orthodontist (noviembre del 2013) en el cual encontraras artículos como:

  • A comparative anchorage control study between conventional and self-ligating bracket systems using differential moments
  • Does proclination of maxillary incisors really affect the sagittal position of point A?
  • Lower incisor dentoalveolar compensation and symphysis dimensions among Class I and III malocclusion patients with different facial vertical skeletal patterns
  • Effect of bracket bevel design and oral environmental factors on frictional resistance
  • Orthodontic pain: an interaction between age and sex in early and middle adolescence
  • Effect of enamel laser irradiation at different pulse settings on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets
  • Microleakage under orthodontic bands cemented with nano-hydroxyapatite-modified glass ionomer
  • Virulence modulation of Streptococcus mutans biofilms by metal ions released from orthodontic appliances
  • Coating stability and surface characteristics of esthetic orthodontic coated archwires
  • Effects of wear time recording on the patient’s compliance

Entre otros temas de gran interés para el ortodoncista. Aquí va el link para bajarlo.

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