Baja el Korean Journal of Orthodontics de Agosto y Octubre del 2013

kjooct13Ya pueden bajar los dos últimos números del Korean Journal Of Orthodontics, el número de agosto y de octubre, en el cual encontraran temas como:

  • Three-dimensional evaluation of the relationship between nasopharyngeal airway shape and adenoid size in children
  • Relationship between chin deviation and the position and morphology of the mandible in individuals with a unilateral cleft lip and palate
  • Soft-tissue thickness of South Korean adults with normal facial profiles
  • Fatigue resistance, debonding force, and failure type of fiber-reinforced composite, polyethylene ribbon-reinforced, and braided stainless steel wire lingual retainers in vitro
  • Psychosocial impact of malocclusion in Spanish adolescents
  • Comparison of the condyle-fossa relationship between skeletal class III malocclusion patients with and without asymmetry: a retrospective three-dimensional cone-beam computed tomograpy study
  • Effect of bite force on orthodontic mini-implants in the molar region: Finite element analysis
  • Evaluation of the relationship between upper incisor exposure and cephalometric variables in Korean young adults
  • Debonding forces of three different customized bases of a lingual bracket system
  • Does the time interval after bleaching influence the adhesion of orthodontic brackets?

Entre otros temas de gran interés en ambos números. Aquí va el link del número de agosto y aquí el de octubre.

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